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• Social distance signage
• Signs to give guidance and instruction to your employees and clients.

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Some topics and ideas for:
• Signs and Signage
• Banners
• Floor decals
• Window Stickers

• Masks Required
• Social Distancing
• Thank you
• We Are Open
• Temperature Check
• Hand Washing
• Do the Five
• Max Occupancy
• Temporary Hours
• Closed
• Grocery Store
• Sale
• We Deliver
• Curbside/Drive-Thru
• Testing Sites
• Hospitals & Clinics

facemask K&M covid signLarge Visible Please Wear a Covid Mask Sign.

 stand 6 feet apart kmprintingPractical and Durable 6-Ft Apart Covid Floor Decal.

 3yellowsign_kmprinting_covidSeries of Covid 19 Signage, sizes are customizable and can be personalized.

6 apart yellow at k&m printingArticulate, vivid and bright Covid 19 Signage for your business.

stay safe welcome kmprinting1Stay Safe Signage - Getting Your Message Across.

facemask K&M covid signCovid Signage for a large area.


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Sunday, September 24, 2023