Direct Mail and Direct Marketing Services

Our direct mail services make reaching your potential customers easy. With years of experience running successful high ROI direct marketing campaigns, we can help you gain success from this powerful marketing tool. Direct mail campaigns can seem complicated with all the required pieces including: printing, mailing lists, mail regulations, document finishing and shipping. However, at K&M Printing we have efficiencies in each of those categories. We can create your direct mail campaign from a concept and a budget to a successful campaign with a high response rate. We encourage you to consider direct mail and direct marketing as an integral part of your overall marketing strategies. It is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools and has many distinct advantages. Call us today at 847-884-1100 to discuss your campaign or to get more information about this powerful tool and our capabilities.

Direct Mail Services - Direct Mail Printing and Finishing

As part of every direct mail campaign are direct mail printing projects. There are many different types of documents that are appropriate for direct mail marketing. These include: postcards, letters, flyers, calendars, kits and more. We can help you determine the best format to use to make an impact on your customers. Additionally, we can help you create the design for these documents. With your creative concept and our state of the art custom printing options, we can make your mail pieces stand out. In most cases, once the direct mail pieces are printed, these documents need to be finished in terms of kitting, folding, labeling and or binding. With our state of the art fulfillment equipment we can provide a quick turnaround on these types of processes and get your pieces ready to ship.

K&M Printing also has variable data printing capabilities which offers your business the opportunity to customize each message for each recipient. This opportunity to create a one-to-one communication is one of the primary advantages of direct mail. Contact us for more details about our variable data printing or find more information at our variable data printing page.

Direct Mail Services - Mailing Lists

Once your direct mail printing pieces are ready to ship, a targeted mailing list is necessary to get your messages to your target audience. If your business already has a mailing list of potential targets, we can streamline the mailing process and save you costs on reaching these targets. Additionally, we offer businesses mailing list services that will help you reach your target audience through the creation of a custom targeted mailing list for your messages.

An alternative to mailing your message to a mailing list is the U.S.P.S.'s Every Door Direct Mail Services which allows businesses to reach all households within a specified region. K&M Printing has extensive experience with this direct mail service and can help your business through the process. View our Every Door Direct Mail page for more information.

Direct Mail Services - Bulk Mailing Services

After your mailing targets are determined and a list is built, we can streamline the bulk mailing and save you money in the process. Our professional bulk mailing services will ensure that your mail meets U.S.P.S. requirement and that your pieces are sent to the correct addresses. Our automated bulk mailing equipment allows for a quick turnaround and reliable results. Contact us for more information about how our bulk mailing services can get your messages out in a timely manner at affordable prices.

Custom Direct Marketing Services

In addition to and complementing the services mentioned above, we offer custom direct marketing and direct mail services. Call us at 847-884-1100 for more information about how we can take your unique direct marketing campaign to new heights. With over a decade of experience in direct mailing and direct marketing services, we have customized many solutions for our customers that have achieved highly desirable results.

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