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K&M Printing Offers Print On Demand Services and web to print

Print on demand services were previously almost exclusively available to publishers that would print books only after orders were received. However, with developments in technology and scale, on demand printing is now available for personal or small business use as well as large corporations regardless of their industry. K&M Printing’s print on demand services afford our customers the convenience and efficiency of on demand printing at a reasonable price. Whether you’re looking to print a short run of marketing materials or a large quantity of messages, our print on demand services will output your materials quickly.

Additionally, our Web-To-Print solutions can streamline the print on demand process even further. These collateral management solutions allow you to house a database of commonly printed materials on the internet that are easily customizable and sent to the printer. Through our intuitive online interface, multiple employees can access these materials and send them to print. By providing companies this option, we further streamline our customers’ printing processes. Many businesses are leveraging our print on demand, variable data printing and Web-To-Print solutions for their business and are saving time and money in the process.

If you are ready to streamline and improve your printing processes, contact us for information about our affordable print on demand, Web-To-Print and variable data printing solutions. We can customize a solution for you no matter what scale your business is. With our print on demand services you can improve your communications, increase your response rate and lower your costs. We have been called one of the top print on demand printers. Learn why! Call 887-884-1100.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) Services

Variable Data Printing allows you to customize digitally printed materials to your audience. You can specify variations in text, images, names and more to better target your customers or prospects. Thus, VDP allows your business to communicate with an audience on a one-to-one basis while maintaining the quick turnaround time of digital printing.

Variable Data Printing and personalized printing could improve your marketing’s return on investment. By pursuing Variable Data Printing services, you can market your business in a way that is more personal and relevant to your target audience. We have seen some response rates upwards of 25% for a selection of our VDP projects. Standard direct mail typically does not come close to achieving such a high response rate. In addition to the benefits that VDP can have on your ROI and response rate, VDP is also very efficient. There is less waste and your business will not be left with a surplus of unused marketing materials. With VDP, you only print the number of copies you need since they are customized specifically for each member of your audience.

Variable Data Printing projects can be pursued across numerous media and vehicles. Common VDP projects are included below for your reference. However, we have completed numerous other projects for businesses and can create a custom VDP solution for your business too. 

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Promotional Letters
  • Invoices
  • And More!

Contact us for more information about our Variable Data Printing services. Although this type of project may seem complex, K&M Printing has years of experience performing VDP services for our customers. We can help you and your business along each step of the way to developing a high response rate and efficient VDP project. Call us at 887-884-1100 for more information.

Every Door Direct Mail Services


At K&M Printing, we are well versed in the United States Postal Service’s Every Door Direct Mail services. We can help your business produce and print your direct mail marketing materials and can also address and send your mailings to the Postal Service for EDDM fulfillment. Our team of graphic designers can help you create a strategic and attention-catching design. Additionally, our flexible printing options ensure that your project meets your business’ quality and budgetary guidelines.

Every Door Direct Mail is one of the best ways to reach your local customers. You no longer need a mailing list or a postage permit. With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM,) you can highlight which areas you would like to target with your message and can target each household in that area. This is a great direct marketing tool for retail stores, event promoters and other businesses. With K&M Printing’s help you can leverage this tool for the best direct mail results possible.

Every Door Direct Mail, the new USPS direct mail service, can be a great tool for any local business or large corporation. Below are some common uses of this direct marketing tool. 

  • Distributing Marketing Postcards
  • Distributing Coupons
  • Promoting Events
  • Promoting New Store Locations
  • And More!

every-door-direct-mail-servicesK&M Printing can fulfill Every Door Direct Mail – Retail and Every Door Direct Mail standard services for your business. From the design to the printing to the addressing and submitting to USPS, we can be your one-stop solution for EDDM. Contact us or fill out our quote form for more information or to get started on your Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) project today.

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