Rocktober Invitation

From printing our newsletter, brochures, theatre programs, and event tickets, to creating our new storefront sign, K & M comes through. Our small Schaumburg-based non-profit provides information, support, and community opportunities for people with Down syndrome, their families, and many communities across northern Illinois.

We can count on the professionals at K & M to bring our vision to life, and nowhere is that more evident than in the invitations to our annual dinner dance, which boasts a new theme each year. We have a reputation for exciting invitations. Many people may never be able to attend our dinner dance due to distance or other challenges. Vying to stay on our mailing list, they can see our creativity, from a 007 themed secret coded messages invitation to our masquerade-themed embedded mask, our guests know to expect something unique.

So, when COVID-19 threatened to derail our 2020 ROCKTOBER-themed dinner dance, we dug in and decided to go virtual, with a live-streamed offering that included some prerecorded material and an online auction/fundraiser. Knowing better, many experts in the field of virtual events encouraged us to use e-mail and social media to engage our supporters rather than incur the cost of printing and mailing invitations. An opportunity to expand and bring in more guests from far-flung places presented itself. K & M’s design team did not disappoint. ROCKTOBER 2020 invitations are eye-catching, professional, and sure to bring our message of community belonging for those with Down syndrome to an even broader audience.

Terri Devine

UPS for DownS

Sunday, May 19, 2024